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After his Galleri Star exhibition in 2013, Jørgen Dobloug was invited back the following year to give a larger presentation of his art.

In 2013 Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium presented the exhibition Jørgen Dobloug: Punktum. Punktum. Komma, strek – å male er en lystig lek (Jørgen Dobloug. Full stop. Full stop. Comma, line – painting is a game of signs) in Galleri Star. On the basis of this exhibition by Dobloug we were awarded with funds from the Fritt Ord Trust and the Arts' Council to produce a book about the artist. This also allowed us the opportunity to extend our collaboration with Dobloug, and we were happy to present a large retrospective exhibition of his works in the Exhibition Hall in 2014.

Read more about Dobloug and the 2013-exhibition here.

The book was published in 2017, and can be bought in our bookstore.

Photo: Vegard Kleven

Participating artists

  • Jørgen Dobloug