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About the Bookstore

Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium Bookstore is situated beside the Café. Both the Bookstore and the Café keep the same opening hours as the galleries, and can be visited without a ticket to the exhibitions.

The Bookstore offers catalogues from present and previous exhibitions, as well as a selection of art books, posters, postcards, carrier bags, etc.

The store will eventually make room for a library where our visitors can get access to catalogues, books and other publications related to Vestfossen Kunstlaboratoriums exhibitions and institutional practice, as well as other institutions, galleries and projects, both nationally and internationally.

Building a library, and an archive, is part of an ongoing project that will take some time to develop. Both the library and the archive will become an integrated part of Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium’s institutional practice, aming to make information about art available to the public.
Please let us know about publications you think we should stock in the store.


Vestfossen Bookstore
Nordic Contemporary Art Collection – NoCo, art bag
The Bookstore offers catalogues from present and previous exhibitions
Bookstore, 2024