Hopp til hovedinnhold
Guided Tours / Education

Private Tours

We can organize a tailor-made tour for your group. A 45-minute guided tour can be arranged to suit the group’s interests and previous experience of contemporary art. To ensure the quality of the experience we have to restrict the number of participants to 30. If you have a larger group, we recommend dividing into two parallel tours.

The group price is calculated from the number of participants. The basic price for a group guided tour is Nkr. 950,-. In addition there is the admission fee of Nkr. 100,- p.p. (50,- for children, students and other concessions). If the group is so large that it is necessary with two parallell tours, we will give a discount of Nkr. 200,- for the second tour.

(At weekends we recommend that groups of more than 10 are divided into parallel tours.)

For more information about guided tours and events at Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, send an email to post@vestfossen.com.

Get in touch directly with Café Cellulose to arrange catering for your group. The owner is Thomas Van Bau Harbakk, + 47 957 52 302, or send an email to cafecellulose@gmail.com