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Curated by Göran Green

Tusenfryd primarily means daisy, a flower that grows throughout the whole of Scandinavia. To most Norwegians, the name Tusenfryd conjures up association of fun, adventure and excitment, as it is the name of Norway’s larges amusement park.

One of the curator's main ambitions with this exhibition was to give the audience a good impression of the Nordic art scene from the end of the 1980s and up until the present day. His selection consisted of 52 artists, showing 105 works. Altogether, the exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for people to become acquainted with many of the internationally renowned contemporary Nordic artists under one roof; for example Olafur Eliasson, Nina Roos, Eskö Männikkö, Mats Hjelm, Clay Ketter, Jes Brinch, Olav Christopher Jensen and Bjarne Melgaard, to name but a few.

Excerpt from artist and critic Lars Vilks' text for the catalogue:

“The real breakdown in art took place at the beginning of the 1990s. Only then did it become clear that art as modernism and an aesthetic expression had capitulated to a “post modern” attitude where anything goes. This strange shift from form to content had become reality, at least in international contemporary art. Now that we are a few yers into the 21st century, “international contemporary art” – the movement has no other name yet; at a push it could be called “post-modern” or “social critique” – is well established, and art pedagogues are constantly carrying new programmes to spread understanding of it.” (p. 19)

Participating artists:

Solveig Adalsteinsdottir · Torsten Andersson · Ernst Billgren · Helene Billgren · Jes Brinch · Elina Brotherus · Kari Cavén · Cecilie Dahl · Ann Kristine Dolven · Benny Dröscher · Cecilia Edefalk · Ann Edholm · Olafur Eliasson · Elmgreen / Dragset · Andreas Eriksson · Maria Friberg · Kristinn Gudbarndur Hardarson · Annika von Hausswolff · Helena Hietanen · Mats Hjelm · Petri Hytönen · Hans Isaksson · Olay Christopher Jenssen · Clay Ketter · Joachim Koester · Jukka Korkeila · Anna Lindal · Ann Lislegaard · Sören Martinsen · Ebba Matz · Bjarne Melgaard · Truls Melin · Maria Miesenberger · Kirsi Mikkola · Robert Moreau · Esko Männikkö · Jussi Niva · Kirsten Ortwed · Finnbogi Petursson · Hans Hamid Rasmussen · Nina Roos · Torbjørn Rødland · Ann-Sofie Sidén · Mari Slattelid · Palle Torsson · Sophie Tottie · Anu Tuominen · Marianna Uutinen · Jukka Vikberg · Morten Viskum · Marko Voukola

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Installation photos: Rune Guneriussen og Bjørn Kristoffersen