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In the Project Room this year we showed video documentation of collaboration with Øvre Eiker Art School: Inn i Kunstverket (Into the Artwork), from the previous year.

Students at Øvre Eiker Art School performed compositions in dance, music, and art expressions that were created in response to selected works from the exhibition Contemporary Chaos, shown at Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium in 2018.

With this project, Øvre Eiker Art School wished to put improvisation and contemporary art into the curriculum. The overriding aim was to give the students experience of and insights into contemporary expressions such as they exist in and across various art forms. The watchwords for the project were: ‘Wonderment-Chaos-Sound-Movement’, and with these as a starting point the Art School challenged its students and teaching staff to experiment with a spectrum of artistic effects and to create an environment where exploration and play were central. As an introduction to the main project the students and staff took part in three workshops organised by musician Kjell Tore Innervik and composers Rune Rebne and Ivar Frounberg, which grew out of themes from the main exhibition in Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium in 2018, Contemporary Chaos.

With Inn i Kunstverket, VKL marked its second year of collaboration with the Art School. It had been initiated in 2017 with the project ‘Resonans’ – an interdisciplinary contemporary art production that took as its point of departure the building that houses the Kunstlaboratorium: Vestfossen’s old cellulose factory.

About the project:

Initiated by Øvre Eiker Art School (Rector: Åsmund Tvinnereim)

Idea by Eva Beate Laugerud.

Developed by Eva Beate Laugerud (visual arts), Marte Blom Onshuus Sommerfeldt (dance), Mari Sundsaasen Innervik, Emir Mujkic and Eli Molaug Odland (music).

The production is performed by students and teaching staff of Øvre Eiker Art School within the following disciplines: dance, visual arts, music (song, clarinet, piano, lur, flute, guitar, low brass, percussion, violin, trumpet).

Film by Per Sveinung Larsen