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Nachspiel / Vorspiel


Curated by Kristine Jærn Pilgaard

Nachspiel / Vorspiel (After party / Pre party) was a group show where Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium presented works by the last ten festival artists exhibiting at Bergen International Festival, one of Norway’s biggest cultural events every year. Each of these ten artists then invited one artist they believe will influence the art scene in Norway the coming years.

The exhibition had three main goals: One, to present the works of ten important artists to an audience in the eastern parts of Norway (Bergen International Festival takes place in the west). Two, to explore how these artists place themselves in the art world today. And three, focus on new expressions and on how the latest contemporary art relates to the more established part of the Norwegian art scene.

As well as focusing on the current state and development of contemporary art the curator wished to further explore the visual aspects of the exhibition by inviting important voices from the Norwegian art debate to contribute in the exhibitions catalogue. By these means the catalogue became an independent contribution to the exchange of meaning in the meeting between audience, institution and work of art.

Participating artists

  • Kjersti G. Andvig
  • Bård Ask
  • Per Barclay
  • Sverre Bjertnæs
  • Book & Hedén
  • A K Dolven
  • Elmgreen & Dragset
  • Marit Følstad
  • Ane Mette Hol
  • Olav Christopher Jenssen
  • Inghild Karlsen
  • Josefine Lyche
  • Bjarne Melgaard
  • Ole Jørgen Ness
  • Martin Skauen
  • Mari Slaatelid
  • Helene Sommer
  • Børre Sæthre
  • Bjørn-Sigurd Tufta
  • Lars Monrad Vaage