Hopp til hovedinnhold
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Project Space

Kamilla Skrindefolly for to need to seem to glimpse what where


This project was an organic exhibition which visitors could both observe and move through as the creative process was unfolding.

For the project space we invited artist Kamilla Skrinde (NO/1979) to create an exhibition on site and throughout the season. The audience was be able to follow the process closely and interact with the artist while she worked.

The title of the project, folly for to need to seem to glimpse what where, was borrowed from a poem by Samuel Beckett called What is the Word. The poem takes up the idea of how difficult it is to find the right words with which to express oneself, a theme in Beckett’s earlier works with which Skrinde immediately identified. The project became, therefore, an exploration of the path the artist must follow to develop the stylistic language necessary to express a subjective experience of reality.

Participating artists

  • Kamilla Skrinde