Hopp til hovedinnhold
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Installasjonsfoto, Anja Carr, 'while watching you' (2019)
Installasjonsfoto, Anja Carr, 'while watching you' (2019)
02 _ VKL-Collection / The Messanine / 2024
01 _ VKL-Collection / The Messanine / 2024
03 _ VKL-Collection / The Messanine / 2024
04 _ VKL-Collection / The Messanine / 2024
05 _ VKL-Collection / The Messanine / 2024
06 _ VKL-Collection / The Messanine / 2024
07 _ VKL-Collection / The Messanine / 2024

VKL Collection


As early as the first years of Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, one of the ambitions for the institution has been that it would build its own art collection. This year, on the mezzanine of the Main Building, parts of this collection are being shown for the first time as a separate exhibition.

In the course of time, there is much art that, for various reasons, falls by the wayside and is lost. Some of this art may live on in the form of documentation, ideas, discourse, or other ephemeral traces. But perhaps the art itself deserved to have been seen many more times by an audience, perhaps even deserved a place in the history of art?

Line Larsen, the artist formerly known as VIRG ‘Modern Art Makes Me Angry’ (2014)
Line Larsen, the artist formerly known as VIRG ‘Modern Art Makes Me Angry’ (2014)

Our museums play a vital role in collecting and communicating our common cultural heritage, and VKL would like to carry some of that responsibility – to be a supplement to the museums, which often have tight budgets for acquiring contemporary art. Art institutions often have priorities that differ from those of private collectors – and all purchases make a significant contribution to supporting artists financially.

The VKL Collection ranges from artists of past generations, whose works were central in Nor- wegian art history, to the works of younger, newer artists. Media collected include realistic painting, spatial installations, ceramic sculptures, videos – to mention just a few.

In 2018, VKL was awarded the 3-year Kunstgaven (Art Gift) from Sparebankestiftelsen DNB (Savings Bank Foundation DNB). With part of this award, VKL was able to acquire works by several Norwegian artists, significantly adding to the status of the collection.

The collection will be shown at VKL and lent out to other art institutions and galleries.

Installasjonsfoto: Marianne Heske, 'Orgonhus' (1996)
Marianne Heske, ‘La rue est pleine de poupees vivantes que se promenent’ (1971)

Above, from left: MARIANNE HESKE, Orgon House, 1996 | MARIA PASENAU, A SKULPTURE I MADE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BRAKE UP / THE INVUSIBUL WOMEN, 2020 | MARIANNE HESKE, La rue est pleine de poupees vivantes que se promenent, 1971

Aurora Sander, ‘Hjelp, vi flytter! ’, 2018–2021

Above: AURORA SANDER, Hjelp, vi flytter!, 2018–2021

Installation photography: Nina Ansten

Participating artists

  • Aurora Sander
  • Anja Carr
  • Marianne Heske
  • Audar Kantun
  • Line Larsen (VIRG)
  • Maria Pasenau
  • Aase Texmon Rygh
  • Frits Thaulow
  • Erik Wessel
  • Ane Djuvan Winnje