Guest Studio

About the Guest Studio

In the winter of 2015, VKL acquired a studio at Arena Vestfossen. Arena Vestfossen is a studio collective attached to the same building as VKL, and houses artists, an exhibiting space, a Makerspace and Øvre Eiker Arts School. The Guest Studio has a 130m2 and includes a kitchen and work room. The studio is still a project in development and for a trial period it is being made available to artists, each for a period of five weeks, during the VKL season. See our webpage for more information and a series of interviews with our guest artists.


For the 2019 season, four African artists were guests of Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, working in the studio on site-specific projects for this year’s main exhibition, KUBATANA. Sadikou Oukpedjo (Togo, b. 1970) has been working with local timber from Vestfossen, while Serge Attukwei Clottey (Ghana, b. 1985) has been putting together a huge installation that will cover the façade of the art centre. The other two artists are Dawit Abebe (b. 1978) from Ethiopia and Yassine Balbzioui (b. 1972) from Morocco, and the results of all their work will be on show in the exhibiton.



Sparebankstiftelsen DNB Kunstgave (‘Art Endowment’) 2018–2020
It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we can announce that Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium has been awarded the Art Endowment of the Sparebankstiftelsen Foundation 2018–2020. The endowment of 4,5 million crowns is spread across three years and is earmarked projects that arise from our Guest Studio programme. It is our aim to invite artists to Vestfossen to develop and exhibit their projects in collaboration with VKL. The results of the endowment will be presented at a later time.


In our 2018 season, Sverre Bjertnes and Bjarne Melgaard were the first artists in VKL’s Art Endowment Project. They exhibited in Galleri Star the results of a collaborative project from 2017 as well as developing a new work for VKL. In the autumn of 2018 we started a new collaboraton with the artist duo Aurora Sander (Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard and Bror Sander Berg Størseth) through the Art Endowment, and in 2019 the duo will be developing a site-specific installation. We have also agreed a collaboration with artist Marianne Heske which will be completed in 2019.



More from the Sparebankstiftelsen foundation about the Art Endowment:
‘The Art Endowment is awarded to an art institution for a three-year period for the production of new art, principally by artists living in Norway. The art might, for example, be of a temporary character, for exhibit in a public space, or for inclusion in the institution’s collection. Projects made possible by the endowment are to be exhibited to the public and documented for later reference. The Art Endowment was established in 2011. Its first recipient was Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, while for the period 2015 to 2017 it was awarded to Punkt Ø. Since 2017, all art institutions can apply for the Art Endowment.’



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