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2017 VKL Guest Studio

In the winter of 2015, VKL acquired the rental lease of Arena Vestfossen – a studio collective attached to the same building that houses VKL. The artists working there today are Lars Andreas Tovey Kristiansen, Ståle Vold, Kenneth Alme, Javier Barrios, Are Blytt and Morten Viskum, along with Øvre Eiker Municipal Arts School.


The Guest Studio covers 130 m2 ranging across an office, a garret and work spaces. In 2015 we announced a trial period for the Guest Studio, and hired it out to artists Tonje Bartnes Andersson and Beathe C. Rønning. In 2016 the Guest studio was visited by five artists: Elin Glærum Haugland (April) Marit Silsand (May), Peter Gregorio (June), Ellen Henriette Suhrke (July), and Hilde Honerud (august). In 2017 six artists are visiting the studio: Sara Rönnbäck og Daniel Slåttnes (May), Ingrid Lønningdal (June), Franzisca Siegrist (July), Takashi Hiraide (August), Kristin Tårnesvik (September).