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Date corrections / Art on the Country side


The schools in Øvre Eiker start some days earlier than anticipated and we therefore have to move Art on the countryside's week course two days. The new dates are August 9 - 13.



Every summer since 2009 Vestfossen Kunstlaboratoriet hosted the alternative summer activity Art on the Country side! This year we will continue the tradition, still taking on a new form. This summer we will organize Art on the Country side! over three Saturdays in July / August, and five days the last week before school starts.


Vestfossen Kunstlaboratoriet is located in the old Vestfos Cellulose Factory, established in 1886 and closed in 1970. For us who work in the factory today, we all think of the workers who once earned a living here as an inspiration, and also the processes that resulted in the cellulose itself. This season we wish to challenge the seasonal participants to use their imagination to explore what a factory will be in the future - what is produced where? What ingredients are used? How does it look? Who works in them, and not least, ask the question how future factories affect the future society?


The first three Saturdays we organize short workshops (2 hours) where participants will get to experience content in today's factory (the exhibition) and create art themselves in the workshop room. The week before school starts (9.8 to 13.8), we organize an intensive workshop (3 hours daily) with full focus on "The Factory of the Future".


The result from this seasons Art on the Country side! will be presented as part of an exhibition presenting works produced by the public the last two seasons in Vestfossen, opening on Saturday 2nd May, 2015.


All children and youth 8-15 years of age are welcome.


Saturday arrangements are free, 12am – 14am.

The weekly course (9.8 to 13.8) costs 250 kr per participant, 12am – 15am.


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to signup before 4th of August.